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《Cocoa at Theater》

《Cocoa at Theater》 



It is said that cacao bean contains Phenethylamine. Will eating it make people happy?


Eve searches everywhere for cacao tree. Will cacao bean make people feel truly happy?


Will Eve eat the cacao beans to challenge God’s authority?


Then what is happiness? 

We don’t know the answer, but we do know that in her search

She has felt happiness, helplessness, confusion, satisfaction…


《Cocoa at Theater》




Joyce Au|Pandora Sin|Pewan Chow


Set Designer: Beng Kian Saw 


Stage Manage/Lighting Designer:  Claudia Chan


Text:  Ralph Cheung


Dancers:  Maria Law| Elaine Kwok|Cally Yip|Cyrus Hui|Hugh Cho


Graphic Design:  Wong Wing Fung  


Producer:Elyse Lai








Date:  2009.9.18-19

Venue:  Hong Kong Fringe Club Theater



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