There is always a time.

In life, when we need to and longingly ask,

Who would laugh with me?

Who would cry with me?


**Awarded The Hong Kong Dance Award 2010:

Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance (Pewan Chow)

Outstanding Performance by a female dancer (Han Mei)




Choreographer / Dancer:Pewan Chow


Antoinette Mak|Cheung Yan To|Liz Tsui|Rebecca Wong|Han Mei


Producer:Kim Law

Literary and Cultural Adviser: Tang Siu Wa

Photography Adviser: Woo Ling Ling 

Lighting Consultant:Leo Cheung

Set, Props and Costume Designer:Moon Yip








Date  : 2009.12.11-13
Venue :  HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Multi-media Theatre

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