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《2017-18 Arts Voyager: As Day Alights…》

 Peeling back layers of artifice and reality through dance

Arts Voyager, Passoverdance’s unique dance education programme, was launched in 2015. The programme aims to nurture talented choreographers by providing progressive training focusing on choreography and techniques. This year, it also serves as a platform for the young graduates to present their work.


2018 Arts Voyager: As Day Alights… presents the works of six graduates. These six pieces were selected from 2017 Arts Voyager, and further developed under the professional guidance of Passoverdance’s Artistic Director Pewan Chow, as well as Guest Advisors Chloe Wong and Dick Wong. 


Creative and Production Team

Artistic Director | Pewan Chow

Guest Advisors | Chloe Wong, Dick Wong

Choreographers |

Fung Sze Chit, Ho Hiu Mei Lauren, Men Tin Lam

Tam Suet Wa, Tang Pui Shan Jessica, Woo Ka Pui


Dancers |

Tang Tsz Wan Wendy, Emma Zhang, Joey Chan, Kelly Man, Lo Ngan Ting, Tsui Nok Yiu

Jessica Hui, Karen Kan, Lee Ka Hei, Kerry Cheung, Elaine Chong, Samantha Ko, Nature So

Lighting Designer | Zoe Cheung

Sound Coordinator | Michael Lo

Co-Producers | Jane Li, Georgina Lo  


Production Manager & Stage Manager | Chan Yeuk Sze

Deputy Stage Manager | Chan Kwun Fee

Trailer Video Production | Lee Wai Shing

Graphic Design & Photography | Peter Bird  

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