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Arts Voyager

Arts Voyager, Passoverdance's unique dance education programme, was launched in 2015.  The programme aims to nurture talented choreographers by providing progressive training focusing on choreography and techniques.

Join 2023-26 arts voyager !

With the past success of Arts Voyager, Passoverdance is announcing the new 2023-26 Arts Voyager programme and is welcoming you to join! If you are passionate about dance and are aged 18 or above, please come and join us.

Arts Voyager is a Three years course. In the first year, it will focus on improvisation skills. The classes will be taught by guest artists from Hong Kong and overseas. In the second year, it will have overseas exchange activities. Last year will be choreography, students will create an individual or group dance, and perform in public. It is hoped that the programme can stimulate students' creativity and enhance their professional and artistic levels. 

Compared with our past programme, in the 2023-26 Arts Voyager programme, we will invite overseas artists to facilitate workshops and provide overseas exchange activities like workshops, rehearsals, or performances for students to experience and work with different artists. 

1st Year


1st programme year is mainly focusing on improvisation skills. Arts Voyager will share their improvisation learning outcome with audiences during the showcase.

Photo credit to Hardy Cheung

2nd Year


2nd programme year will have overseas exchange, students will involved in overseas workshops, rehearsals, or performances, and will have a showcase in Hong Kong.  In order to broaden the horizons of students and inspire them to escalate their creative abilities and raise their professional and artistic levels.

Photo credit to Hardy Cheung

3rd Year


In the 3rd programme year, Arts Voyager will create an individual or group dance. The artistic director and guest advisors will assist in the creative process, in order to produce a complete dance piece. In this process, aims to help Arts Voyager to further develop their ideas and creative process. It will extend the learning of the first two years to create.

Photo credit to Maximilian Cheng

Previous Arts Voyager:

2021-23 Arts Voyager


2021- 23 Arts Voyager

A collaboration between Passoverdance and HKDC had emerged from this fruitful artistic relationship between both organizations on the idea of nurturing creative minds and skills. This year's show, Shimmer, will see six young talents presenting their own contemporary dance choreographies based on their creative ideas and concepts developed last year.

2018-21 Arts Voyager


2021 Arts Voyager

These nine graduates all have different styles and have choreographed their own pieces based on their creative ideas and concepts earlier this year. They are going to develop further from their previous works and recreate nine new pieces.

2015-18 Arts Voyager

As Day Alights_fb_event_banner_0228b.jpg
As Day Alights_fb_event_banner_0228b.jpg

2018 Arts Voyager: As Day Alights

2018 Arts Voyager: As Day Alights… presents the works of six graduates. These six pieces were selected from 2017 Arts Voyager, and further developed under the professional guidance of Passoverdance’s Artistic Director Pewan Chow, as well as Guest Advisors Chloe Wong and Dick Wong. 

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