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18dART Tsuen Wan-Community Arts Scheme
Dance Up Hi! IV

"Dance Up Hi! " is a one-year dance training program held in Tsuen Wan. Through a series of  trial class, workshops, demonstrations and performances, children and the youth can have an in-depth understanding and experience of the art of dance. It also provides opportunities for residents in the district to get in touch with dance and performing arts activities.


Creative Movement Experiential Class

(for Child)

2024 Jun -Sep


Contemporary Dance Experiential Class

(for Youth)

2024 Sep - Oct

About The Programme


  • Promote modern dance in Tsuen Wan and enhance the community's cultural landscape

  • Provide various activities and dance workshop for all level participants

  • Cultivate interest and appreciation for modern dance among children and the youth

  • Explore the body by dance to boost creativity

Co-Artistic Directors of the Project | Pewan CHOW
Co-Artistic Directors of the Project | Gabbie CHAN
Tutor | Sarah LO, Liz TSUI, Yan Wa YU

*All Activities are free of charge.

Phase 1

Creative Movement
Experiential Class
(for Child)

The experiential class provides an open, safe and creative platform for children to establish their curiosity about their body movement, and explore the world of contemporary dance.

2024 Jun - Sep

Contemporary Dance
Experiential Class
(for Youth)

The experiential class is designed for young participants to experience the basic flow and fundamental movement of contemporary dance in an open, safe and creative environment. Participants with no dance experience are also welcomed.

2024 Sep - Oct

Phase 2

Creative Movement
Workshop and Demonstration

(for Child)

Workshops on creative movement will be provided to children to further develop their imagination and creativity on movement, with a chance to learn about contemporary dance through professional demonstrations.

2024 Oct - Dec


2024 Oct - Dec

Contemporary Dance Workshop and Demonstration
(for Youth)

Workshops on contemporary dance allow young participants to learn and further explore the world of contemporary dance, with professional demonstrations to train their ability of dance appreciation.

Phase 3

Creative Movement Workshop
and Rehearsal  
(for Child)

Children will develop their unique movement through workshop and rehearsal. They will have chances to perform in the community showcase and finale performance. 

2025 Jan - Mar


Contemporary dance performance demonstrated by professional dancers will be showcased in different places in Tsuen Wan district. The public will earn a better understanding to contemporary dance by learning how to appreciate contemporary art and dance.

2025 Feb - Mar

Community Touring and Demonstration


Contemporary Dance Workshop and Rehearsal  (for Youth)

Through workshop and rehearsal, young participants will create dance movement based on the understanding of their own body and creative concept, and showcase them in the community showcase and finale performance.

2025 Jan - Apr

Phase 4

Community Showcase and Exhibition

A progress showcase by the students will be held in the Tsuen Wan community, where both children and the youth will showcase their effort and progress through out the rehearsal, and gain performance experience. 

2025 Mar


By the end of workshops and rehearsal, both children and the youth will have the finale performance on stage in Tsuen Wan. Photo exhibition is also held to introduce the art scheme and showcase the whole learning progress throughout the program.

2025 Apr

Finale Showcase and Photo Exhibition


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Past Programme
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