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Jockey Club “Move With the Silver Flow”
Dance and Well-being Project

Funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Jockey Club “Move with the Silver Flow” Dance and Well-being Project, is a 3-year project organised by Passoverdance. This project fuses dance with four other art disciplines: architecture, music, text and visual arts. With dance workshops, dialogues, performances and cross-generation collaborations, the project invites the elderly to embark on a journey with dance and art to rediscover “well-being”.

The project is a continuation of the Jockey Club “In Search of Voice in a Cramped City” Dance Education Programme, awarded by Hong Kong Dance Awards 2022 “the Outstanding Dance Education or Community Dance”. Jockey Club “Move with the Silver Flow” Dance and Well-being Project is curated by Gabbie Chan, Associate Artistic Director of Passoverdance; with over 20 local professional choreographers/ dance artists and artists from other art disciplines joining the project, veteran performance art, education and culturist- HYF, independent curator Vivian Ting to be the observer of the project and Passoverdance’s artistic director Pewan Chow to be the adviser for the project.

Funded by

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Chan Yat  - Superintendent of A Local Home for the Elderly/ Veteran Social Worker 

Thank you Passoverdance for extending the invitation to share about the elderly’s needs in arts, (at Course Design) the participants (Instructors and Dance Artists of this Project ) seated on the floor, listening closely to my sharing, and actively raised questions, to understand the difficulties elderly encountered during workshops. Course Design reflected participants’ engagement and involvement to the project.’

Dance in the Community

Curating and Nurturing
Dance Education 

By connecting with different community centres, the project develops workshops of three phases including a showcase performance each year; through contemporary dance and 4 other art disciplines showing elderlies the diversities and possibilities of arts.
The project also includes the participation of youth, stimulating intergenerational understanding for the search of a common ground, where hope and future can be realised.  

By offering On-going mentorship programme and Train-the-Trainers workshops for artists, choreographers and dance artists, aiming to develop and nurture a professional dance education framework and arts educators.






Latest News

Calling for Youths Participants for our Phase 3 - Cross-generation Dance Programme! 


We are looking for young dancers aged between 15 and 25 to join our team with professional dancers to move with the silver flow. Read the details and register now!

Join us on the journey to discover the sense of 'well-being' by following our Facebook page and #JCMoveWithTheSilverFlowDancerAndWellBeingProject

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For any inquiries about the project, please contact Xanthe /  Melody at 5407 6047 or

Remarks: The arrangement of activity is possible to be changed in light of COVID-19 and government measures. Please stay tuned with the official page for latest notice.  
All the content of works are independently produced by the organiser/creative team, and do not reflect the views or opinions of the Project nor the Funder.

Photography: CKY

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