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Dance into the Community

​ Project Overview 

Jockey Club “In Search of Voice in a Cramped City” Dance Education Programme : Mou6 Jin4 Cing1 Hang4 - Phase 1 Workshop 

The project will last for 3 years, with 3 phases of workshops and performances each year. Passoverdance will connect with different community organisations, inviting elderly and youth to participate. “Move with the Silver Flow”,allowing the elderly to understand their own body, connecting with others, and finding their own sense of ‘well-being’. 

Phase 1
Community Workshop

Understand the body through simple,  easy and creative movement; creatively express themselves through activities in different themes; rediscover participant’s own sense of “well-being”, know about self through art, and Dance with the Flow.

Phase 2
Dance Performance Workshops+
Online Showcases

Participants will get creative with the instructors (a pair of an artist and a choreographer), and retelling their stories through dance videos.

In this phase, there will also be the opportunity to share and exchange with youth from the community through an online chatting session. With deeper engagement in various art forms and dance, reconnecting the participants with the community. 

Phase 3
Cross-generation Dance Programme

Youth will be invited to join in this phase, where cross-generation creation and performance will take place, in search of a common ground where hope and well-being can be mutually found.
Collecting the ideas, creative, experience accumulated from the three phases, the community will get to understand the elderly better through the showcase.

2023-2024 Phase 1 Introductory Community Workshop is recruiting community partner!
Fill in the online form for pre-registration, our team will be in touch.



​Coming Soon​

Stay Tuned


For any inquiries about the project, please contact Xanthe /  Melody at 5407 6047 or

Remarks: The arrangement of activity is possible to be changed in light of COVID-19 and government measures. Please stay tuned with the official page for latest notice.  
All the content of works are independently produced by the organiser/creative team, and do not reflect the views or opinions of the Project nor the Funder.

Photography: CKY

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