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This is Passoverdance’s annual performance course, which brings together a group of arts-loving young dancers of the new generation. It aims to nurture their overall performing abilities. Different artists are invited to choreograph each year. The explorations, creativity and imagination of the young dancers are incorporated into the creative processes so that they may fully develop their potential in dance. 

Passoverdance X PassingOn 2016


Our Annual Performace on 15-17 April 2016 come to an end. Thank you for your supoort. 


If you want to join us, please keep following us. See you!






  Pewan Chow|Chloe Wong|Fai Tsang


《Breath of Wind》




       Pewan Chow|Gabbie Chan





Pewan Chow| Cally Yip

Elaine Kwok|Joseph Lee

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