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PassingOn 2016 《Calling》


PassingOn 2016 《Calling》


Feet, ever-hanging in mid-air.

Can't you hear the frail whispering spirits leaving traces for reminiscing...

Choreographers : Pewan Chow | Chloe Wong| Fai Tsang

Dancers :

Sarah Lo| James Yau| Gabbie Chan|Ophelia Leung| Jessica Tang | Fung Sze Chit|

Cheng Nga Yan| Wong Ching|Elaine Chong|Chan Suet Ying|Hui Yuk Ying|Nature So|

Emma Zhang |Claire WongCM Chiu |Choy Yu Tin|Jessica Hui |Fok Wing Ki|Tam Suet Wa|

*Lo Ngan Ting


*Participation by kind permission of Hong Kong Ballet

Lighting Designer and Stage Manager : LawMan


Graphic Design : Gabriel Leung


Photographer : Brian Hung


Producer : Elyse Lai




Performance : 


Date  : 2016.04.15-17
Venue : Cattle Depot Unit 12




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