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PassingOn 2014《Breath of Wind》


《Breath of Wind》

PassingOn 2014 《Breath of Wind》


Under the sun, the crowd runs, they falter and they run, Break and reunite.

A wave of bubbles fluttering and dancing in the breeze, together they make one.
A breath of wind, and the waltz begins again,

Nothing but shadows of the untold tales remain.



Choreographers : Pewan Chow |Gabbie Chan


Choreography Assistant : Cally Yip


Rehearsal Mistress : Antoinette Mak

Dancers :

Cally Yip| Elyse Lai| Gabbie Chan| Cary Shiu| Ophelia Leung| Meko Woo| Jane Li |

Queenie Chow|Quan Xixi| Gloria Chan| Zoe Lai| Fung Hin FungChit Fung|

Sabrina Wong|Abi lau Fontane Yiu| Sophia Siu|​Fiona LoTiffani Chiu|Samantha Ko

Lighting Designer and Stage Manager :
PC Sei


Graphic Design : K. T. Tong


Photographer : Brian Hung


Producer : Elyse Lai




Performance : 


Date  : 2014.10.23-24
Venue : Jockey Club Black Box Theatre, JACCAC




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