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Curating and Nurturing Dance Education

Apart from organizing dance workshops for the elderly, the project also aims to provide training for local professional choreographers, dancers and artists, to equip them with experience on dance education, and the opportunity to develop a sustainable framework for the elderly, bringing attention to promote dance and art as a powerful vehicle for active ageing and healthy community.


Artistic Director (Project)|Gabbie CHAN
Adviser (Project) Pewan CHOW
Observer | HYF | Vivian TING

Cyrus HUI | Cherry Tsz Yan LEUNG | Jo LEUNG | LO Sze Long Sarah | 
Cally YIP
Architecture|Anthony KO

Music|Priscila CHU

Text|Cally YU

Visual Arts| Nina CHIU Lai Yin

Imelda C. | Joycine HO | Lauren HO Hiu Mei | Jonathan HUNG 
LIU heung man | LO King San | TANG Ho Kay | Liz TSUI 
Szeling WONG | Gigi YANG | Kingie YAU | Kerry Cheung

Train-the-Trainers Workshop
The Workshop aims to provide an interactive platform for the project instructors, to enhance the strategy and lesson plans on creative education. With the participation and sharing of cross-disciplinary dance education tutors, participants can learn and absorb more teaching experience. Each workshop is conducted by choreographers with different styles and artists from different media (including Architecture, Music, Text, and Visual Arts), exploring the possibilities between different artistic fields.

Participants who complete the Train-the-Trainers annual workshop will also have the opportunity to be invited as intern instructors for the Jockey Club “Move with the Silver Flow” Dance Education Program for 2024-2025. Intern instructors will go to elderly centres/community centres to run workshops for the elderly and develop their lesson plans.


Participants: People who are interested in to develop their career in art education.
Including Dance Teachers , Practitioners in Art Therapy/ Art Education,

interested in art education work for the elderly or Students from relevant fields of study.

The second round of the Train-the-Trainers Workshops for 2023-24 will be held in 2024 April, please stay tuned for the latest information!

For any inquiries about the project, please contact Project Manager at 5407 6047 or

Photography: Hardy Cheung

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