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Site-specific Dance Series 2013-2014: 

《Arts In Fragments》

Site-specific Dance Series 2013-14:《Arts In Fragments》



(Four themed co-creations with experts in different art fields, created at specific sites)


Programme One: Room

Enter the city’s narrow alleys and take a glimpse of the spaciousness of the rooms


Programme Two: Light

Walk into “stillness”, experience the “flow”; trace the illuminant in between light and shadows.


Programme Three: Fabric

Who shall drape on the thousands of years distilled in me!


Programme Four: Shape

Clay ‧ Body

In between softness and solidification

In between construction and destruction 


Site-specific Dance Performance Series 2013-2014: 

《Arts In Fragments》

Choreographers: Elaine Kwok|Pandora Sin|​Elyse LaiGabbie Chan Cally Yip

Artistic Director: Pewan Chow



Programme One: Room

(Choreographer) Elaine Kwok  X  (Architecture) Joyce Wong

(Dancers) Rainbow Lam + CM Chiu + Megan Ha

Performance Date:

30.11  (SAT) &  1. 12. 2013 (SUN)  3pm, 6pm   

Programme Two: Light

(Choreographer)  Pandora Sin  X  (Photographer) Eddie Au 

(Dancers)  Cally Yip +  Maria Law 

Performance Date :

18. 01. 2014 (SAT) 7:00pm, 9:00pm 

19. 01. 2014 (SUN) 7:00pm, 9:00pm 


Programme Three: Fabric

(Choreographers)  Elyse Lai + Gabbie Chan X  (Fashion Designer) Amy Wong

(Dancers) Elyse Lai + Gabbie Chan

Perfromance Date:


Programme Four: Shape

(Choreographer) Cally Yip  X  (Ceramic Artist) Ray Chan

(Dancers) Rainbow Lam + Queenie Chick

Performance Date:
03. 05. 2014 (SAT) 2pm, 4:30pm 
04.05. 2014 (SUN) 2pm, 4:30pm 


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