Grey   Area

         Presented by LCSD     Produced By Passoverdance

 【Grey Area】

                2016/17 General Education in Arts Programme

                                                                 for Tertiary Students (Dance)
                          “In Search of Motion in a Virtual City” Finale sum exhbition


          17.6.2017  [8pm] 

          18.6.2017  [3pm] 

          Cultural Activities Hall, Shatin Town Hall 

          Ticket:$60 /$30

          (Half-price tickets are available for full-time students,

          senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with

          disabilities and the minder ) 

         Choreographer:       Pewan Chow                    

         Co-choreographer:Elaine Kwok |Gabbie Chan 

         Artist:AMA(visual art) | Ray Chan(ceramic) 

         Lighting designer:Lawmanray* 

         Sound designer:Li Man Chun  

         Multi-media designer:Oliver Shing 

         Graphic designer: Edmund Ng  

         Writer:Fontane Yiu

         Production manager:Lam Hing Lun 

         Producer :Cally Yip 

         Performers :

         Han Mei|Cyrus Hui|Skinny Ng|Andy Lee |Cheng Nga Yan|

         Zoe Chung|Hui Yuk Ying|Elaine Chong|Rainbow Tsui|Leo Tsui|

         Michelle Leung|Ngan Tan Wa|Kelly Man|Ophelia Leung|

         Alvina Liu|Wong Man Hin|Katie Chan|Vivian Mak|Michael Tong|

         Karen Kan|Twiggy Lau|Kerry Cheung|Joey Chan|Yanly Lau|                    Jessica Hui|Lee Chui Ting|

         *with kind permission of City Contemporary Dance Company


         Tickets will be available from 17/5 at all URBTIX outlets,

         on Internet, by mobile app MY URBTIX and by Telephone.

         Ticket Enquiries: 3761 6661   Internet Booking:

         Credit Card Telephone Booking Hotline: 2111 5999

         Programme Enquiries: 5407 6047

Finale cum exhibition 



The artistic director Pewan Chow and the other two choreographers will work together to guide participants to deepen the elements in their Mini Site-specific Performance, and incorporate them into a one-hour dance to be staged. In addition, the artworks made and photos taken at the workshops will become part of the exhibition. 

Exploring the outer and inner space in a virtual reality


Extending the theme of In Search of Space in a Cramped City last year, Passoverdance is invited to present a new 8-month project named as In Search of Motion in a Virtual City for the “General Education in Arts Programme for Tertiary Students” this year. This cross-media arts education program explores human life and their perceived space under the impact of functioning in the virtual world, through dance, visual art and pottery. This projects aims to benefit the participants by enriching their art experiences, and facilitating sharing among tertiary students from various institutions. This project intends to provide an opportunity for our young generation to actively explore the issues of self and social connectedness through arts.

Target participants: Tertiary students who are interested in Dance/Arts

Time: From October 2016 to June 2017

Workshop 1
Workshop 1
Workshop 1