• Artistic Director

    Pewan Chow 

    Pewan Chow was among the first cohort of graduates from the School of Dance, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). She was awarded a scholarship by the London Contemporary Dance School to pursue further study in choreography and performance in 1988. Upon her return to Hong Kong, she taught contemporary dance at the HKAPA from 1991 to 2007, during which she received a Master of Arts in Choreography from the Laban Centre, London in 2003. 

    As an independent choreographer and performer, Chow endeavours to contribute to the study, education and creation of dance at Passoverdance. Her choreographic works include Grey Area, In Search of Space in a Cramped City: A Moving Exhibition – Urban Bottling, Maze, Homecoming, Xin Xiang, Solo Act, Searchlight, and Execute I, II, II -- Accomplish. She received the Hong Kong Dance Awards in 2010 for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Production for Homecoming, and in 2013 for Outstanding Independent Dance Production for Maze. Chow is also the recipient of the Hong Kong Dance Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Youth and Community Dance for In Search of Space in a Cramped City: A Moving Exhibition – Urban Bottling in 2016, and Outstanding Dance Education for In Search of Motion in a Virtual City: Grey Area in 2018. Chow was awarded Artist of the Year (Dance) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) in 2017.

  • Choreographer

    Gabbie Chan

    Gabbie Chan Hiu-ling graduated from the HKAPA, majoring in Chinese Dance. While studying at the HKAPA, she was awarded several scholarships; she took part in the American Dance Festival in North Carolina in the US, in addition to exchange programmes and tours to Shanghai, Inner Mongolia and Malaysia. Chan was a dancer with the DanceArt Hong Kong between 2012 and 2014. She later joined Passoverdance and began creating choreographic works. Her works include Recycle-green which was presented in the i-Dance Festival (HK) in 2015, and The 16th Day which was debuted in the 44th Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2016. Chan has performed in Germany, Bahrain, Korea, the US, and Mainland China.

  • Choreographer

    Elaine Kwok

    Graduated from the HKAPA (2005). Previously worked with Art Fission Company (Singapore) and is currently an independent choreographer and dance educator.


    First solo Of Mud and Dust featured in Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF) in 2011, Guangdong Dance Festival (2012), Beijing Dance Festival (2014), and International Dance Theater Festival at Zawirowania, Poland (2015).


    Solo performances Solo (2011) and Melting Solitude II (2013) were commissioned by HKAFand LCSD. Invited as guest curator for the City Festival’s dance programme (2007) and her work, Let the Body Flow, was performed in Hong Kong and Patravadi Theatre in Thailand (2008). Received the 2011 Hong Kong Dance Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Dance for her work in Positioning.

  • Choreographer

    Cherry Leung

    Cherry Leung graduated with a first-class honours degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts from the HKAPA in 2008, majoring in contemporary dance and choreography. She received a full dance scholarship from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund in 2015 to obtain a Master in Choreography in Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in the United Kingdom. During her study in the HKAPA, she was awarded several scholarships and represented the school in performance tours to Southampton, London, Berlin, Brussels and Guangzhou.


    Behind the stage, Leung is also a dedicated choreographer. Her works were toured to the UK, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Guangzhou and Beijing.


    Leung is currently an active freelance choreographer, dancer and teacher in Hong Kong.

  • Choreographer

    Cally Yip

    Cally Yip graduated from the HKAPA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) with a major in Contemporary Dance in 2007. While studying at the HKAPA, she represented the Academy in performance tours to Perth, Paris, Berlin and Brussels, and she was awarded the Jackie Chan Charitable Scholarship and the Hong Kong Association of University Women Scholarship. After graduation, Yip has performed with or choreographed for various organisations including the Hong Kong Dance Alliance, Passoverdance, E-Side Dance Company, Y-space, TNT Theatre, Theatre Ronin, The Only Stage, and Goodnews Communication International. She has performed in the con- certs of Aaron Kwok, Kelly Chen, and Leo Ku. An advocate of dance education, she has taught contemporary dance, jazz dance, children’s dance and choreography in various schools and organisations.

  • Music

    Priscila Chu

    Priscila Chu is a composer graduated from York University in Canada. She has participated in different productions and has taught a wide range of performing arts programs since she moved back to Hong Kong. In the past few years, she has produced and composed music for musical ensembles, dance, theater performances and documentary film productions. Experienced also in dance and theater, she is particularly interested in integrating different art forms and styles in her creative works. She has received a teaching diploma and a Master's degree researched on Music for Autism at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has recently earned a Ph.D. degree from Hong Kong Baptist University concentrating in music composition and collaborative arts.

  • Text-Image


    HYF was born in Hong Kong. His family was originated in Nan Hai of Guangdong, a place he never paid a visit. At younger age, he was educated under colonial education. He finished his university studies in USA majoring in Drama. In the past 30 years, He has been utilizing theatre as cultural bridges, learning to unlearn the peculiar relationship of the self and the likely bonding with the surrounding social, political and cultural issues and phenomena. He believes in art-in-actions, through which to re-examine the unique cultural and social enigma of Hong Kong, hoping that alternative insight to refurbish independent thinking among common folks could be implemented through art and social works. 


    HYF was the founder and artistic director of the former Theatre Fanatico (1996-2010). In 2011, he established Ho Bit Goon, a cultural hub for the arts. He loves all aspects of arts and travelling. He also plays a variety of roles in art and theatre making, from producing, directing, playwriting, designing to curating special projects for theatre-in-education and cultural planning. He has been a strong believer in using poetry, theatre, painting, music and storytelling to construct particular art-in-actions to construct better cultural exploratory works looking into the social and cultural phenomena both in Hong Kong and the Mainland of China.

  • Visual Art

    Nina Chiu

    Nina Chiu Lai Yin, graduated from the Hong Kong University of Education. Engaged in more than ten years of art education, including teaching children, teenagers and parents about visual arts, and experience the fun and self-discovery of art. During the period, several exhibitions of works were held in the school and students to share the results with the students, teachers and parents. In the later period, some competitions and workshops on expressing art were held in the community to give younger generations the opportunity to think, explore and create spontaneously, such as “Draw in Dialogue”, to find young people to discover their deeper self in their personal works. 


    Following an individual's curiosity about the relationship between art and emotional discovery and treatment, she enrolled in the Master of Expressive Arts Therapy at the University of Hong Kong. She graduated in November 2018 and is currently an art therapy therapist, mainly in secondary schools for behavioral and emotional treatment work. She hope to use art to improve the self-awareness of the younger generation, so as to conduct self-dialogue and reflection in the process of art creation, to find out their own values ​​and roles in society and life, also to establish healthy and stable emotions, and to continue to grow positively.

  • Drama

    Donut Cheung

    Cheung Ka Lam, Donut.  Graduated from The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, obtained a bachelor degree of Fine arts, Major in Acting. After graduated , Cheung works As a freelance actress in many performances of different theatre companies. E.G Jumbo kids theatre: (A Fantastic Journey) , (Toasty’s adventure @veggie garden) , (Journey of The Car) , (Monster Family) etc.  


    Besides actress work, Cheung does Drama Tutor works. She taught drama in Creative Kindergarten. 

    She is now as a freelance tutor teaching drama class in

    HKFYG Lee Shau Kei primary school and Evangel College(Primary School).


    Cheung interested in Japan Culture and now studying Japanese Tea ceremony of Urasenke for more than seven years. 


    Cheung is a Christian, and serve as a tutor in children Sunday school. Try to mix drama education elements into bible study , let the children get more into the bible world.

  • Choreographer

    Ho Ming Yan

    Ho Ming Yan Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (2016) with a bachelor’s degree majoring in Contemporary Dance and Choreography, and she is now working as a freelancer. Passionated in connecting dance with our lives. Her recent choreographies include: “Unlock Body Lab: dance-to-be Launch Edition”by Unlock Dancing Plaza (2020), “Mammalistic”was presented in The Ocean Dance Festival (2019, Bangledesh). “Recreational Facilities” site specific by LCSD Dance day (2018). She co-choreographs “Fit-in-What” with Tsang Wing Fai in CCDC Dance Centre Real Show Case Programme (2018).


    As a performer, she had involved in the following projects: “往山裡去” by The Little Breath Workshop (2020), “May Be Tomorrow” by Chloe Wong (2020), “Mountains, Seas, Panorama”dance film by Blue-Ka Wing & Wilfred Wong (2020), “Hear, We Dance” by Passoverdance…etc.

  • Choreographer

    Jasper Lai

    Jasper Lai graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2015 majoring in Contemporary Dance, now he is a freelance dance artist.  Jasper had worked with local and international choreographers: Christine Gouzelis (Greece), Rob Tannion (Spain), Laura Aris (Spain), Helder Seabra (Portugal), Vaness Voskuil (USA), Andrea Weber (USA) Helen Lai (Hong Kong), Willy Tsao (Hong Kong), Sang Ji Jia (China).


    He was also been awarded several scholarships and had the pleasure to participate and perform in One small step in Greece (2018), ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival (2014), Deltrebre Dance festival in Spain (2014), American Dance Festival (2013), Beijing Dance Festival (2012) and Guangdong Modern Dance Festival (2011).

  • Choreographer

    Jo Leung

    Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jo LEUNG Sau Yin is a multi-discipline dance artist who began her creative career with graphic design, costume design, videography, dance education and dance choreography in Hong Kong. Jo received her Diploma in Design (Visual Communication), and BFA (Hons) in Dance, from Lee Wai Lee Technical Institute in 1996 and The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts in 2004 respectively. In 2008, Jo was awarded a scholarship from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund to support her to pursue her MFA in Dance at Hollins University/ADF.


    She is also looking forward to opportunities to collaborate with artists in different disciplines. To know more about Jo’s creative works, please visit: www.themindclouds.com 

  • Choreographer

    Liu Heung Man

    Before Liu Heung Man graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts majoring in contemporary dance in 2008, he was granted a scholarship to participate in the Guangdong Dance Festival in Guangzhou in 2006. He has worked with various arts organisations, including DanceArt, Hong Kong Dance Company, Unlock Dancing Plaza, Y-Space, E-side Dance Company. As a dancer, he engaged in performances such as Topping the World, Maze, and In Search of Hui Sin. Currently, Liu works as a freelance dancer and choreographer.

  • Choreographer

    Wong Sze-ling

    WONG Sze-ling graduated from the HKAPA in 2004, majoring in modern dance. She has performed with different companies and choreographers. She appeared in Passoverdance’s production XinXiang in Hong Kong and International Dance Festival Tari’05, as well as in Shared Journey at the Beijing Art Summit Forum. Currently, Wong is a freelance dancer and dance teacher.

  • Choreographer

    King Yau

    Kingie YAU holds a BFA in Drama (Acting) from HKAPA and a BSSc in Journalism and Communication from CUHK.  


    He has participated in performances including: "Shadow Box", Rooftop Productions' "The Furies Variations", Intuition Kobo's "MiuMiuYunPing", CCDC's "Rite of Spring", HKAPA's "Alice in the Wonder-tour", "Who’s Afraid of Lord of the Flies" (Visit to Salzburg, Austria), "Black Vast!" (Visit to Seoul), "Three Sisters", "Lysistrata", "Seagull", "Howl", "La Ronde", "Semele" and "Decendants of the Eunuch Admiral", "Punk Rock!", "Shopping & Fxxking", "The Pretty Trap", as well as Chung Ying Theatre Company’s "The Government Inspector – The Musical" (Internship).

  • Choreographer

    Jonathan Hung

    Freelance dancer from Hong Kong, Jonathan is a graduate in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in contemporary dance. He later spent one semester as an exchange to The State University of New York-- Purchase College.


    He has worked and collaborated with different artists from local and overseas, such as Helen LAI (HK), Dick WONG (HK), 4 Degrees Dance Laboratory (HK), Christine GOUZELIS (Greece) and a few. Now focusing on the research in training and performing with improvisation.

  • Choreographer

    Sarah Lo

    Born in Hong Kong, Sarah Lo Sze-long began her ballet training at the age of four, and later took up contemporary dance. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the HKAPA. While studying at the HKAPA, Lo was awarded several scholarships including The Disney Scholarship, the Society of the Academy for Performing Arts Scholarship, and the Carl Wolz Scholarship. In 2007, she received a scholarship to participate in the American Dance Festival in North Carolina in the US. In 2008, she was chosen by the World Dance Alliance to represent Hong Kong in an exchange programme at the Taipei International Dance Elite Academy (TAIPEIDEA). She has been a visiting lecturer at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 2016. Lo is a registered ballet teacher of The Royal Academy of Dance (UK).

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