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《Maze》in Guangdong 

《Maze》in Guangdong 



In this work two choreographers, each from different countries, open a spectrum of views as they present their collaborative production. Shofting the audiences' sight lines, they create an interactive experience which delves into the strategies we use time overcome boundaries and limitation.


The studio theatre will be transformed into an environment 

that is at the same time containing and boundless as the 

dancers, physical movements, setting, visual effects and music lead the audience into a labyrinth of passage and chambers. 

《Maze》in Guangdong  



Choreographers :

Pewan Chow & Rosalind Newman


Original music :

John Chen


Lightng & Set Designer :

Leo Cheung


Costume Designer :

Jo Leung






Dates  : 2013.3.8-10

Venue : Guangdong Song and Dance Theatre




Dancers :

Pewan Chow|Wong Sze-ling

Chen Kai|Cally Yip|Kenneth Sze

Ivanhoe Lam|Han Mei|Pandora Sin

Sarah Lo|Antoinette Mak


Director:Karen Cheung


Deputy Stage Manager : Chan Ka Ying



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