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Re-Choreography Series:Soil 2022

"Re-Choreography Series: Soil" is Passoverdance’s unique dancing program, launched in 2021. To achieve progressive breakthroughs by studying the forms and concepts of previous dance production. Passoverdance had invited young choreographers to develop their renditions of the idea, as inspired by “Xin Xiang,” choreographed by Pewan Chow, the artistic director of Passoverdance. 

“Soil” Re-Choreography Series 2022  also features a workshop open to the public and has invited three overseas professionals with rich experience in Re-Choreography and staging to share their experiences in Re-Choreography and knowledge with the crowd of stage lighting and prop design.

Workshop details:

1. 24/03/2022 (四 Thu)  9:00-10:30p.m
Guest :Leo Cheung
Theme:Light/set  & props design

*2. 31/03/2022 (四 Thu)  9:00-10:30p.m
Guest:Rosalind Newman

*3. 30/03/2022 (Wed)  9:00-10:30p.m
Guest :Anne Holck Ekenes

*Classes will be conducted in English.

Free of charge

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