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In Search of Space in a Cramped City

《In Search of Space in a Cramped City》

"In Search of Space in a Cramped City" is a cross-media performing arts project which spans over academic years.


In the first stage, students of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and young dance lovers are led by three dance artists, experts in music, architecture and visual arts, and professional dancers in the search of various spaces in our city.


In the second stage, outstanding students will have the opportunity to participate in large scale public performances presented by Passoverdance. Students will participate in a series of rehearsals with professional dancers, and perform in public performances put together with the cooperation of professional stage, costume and lighting designers .


The outcomes of the project will be shown as a “mobile display”, using art exhibition as a frame and dance as the main subject. Teachers will guide students to search for arts and movements from various artistic elements, as well as including different themes, so that even bodies can become part of the exhibition! Audiences will get to appreciate much more than just art exhibits. 

Phase 1

Dance Trial Class

Phase 2

Workshop 1                                  

Choreographer : Cally Yip                 

Artist : Grace Yu (Music)             



Workshop 2

Choreographer : Cyrus Hui               

Artist : Lum Long, Lum Li (Visual Art)



Workshop 3                                      

Choreographer : Cherry Leung          

Artist : Beng Kian Saw (Architecture)  




Perforamnce dates:    


Workshop  I    Showing :  2015・01・29

Workshop  II   Showing :  2015・03・05

Workshop  III  Showing :  2015・04・02




Final Performance: 


Date   :  2015・6・18-21 (Thur– Sun)  

Venue :  HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity Multimedia Theatre









   Phase 3 

《Urban Bottling》 


Artistic Director/ Choreographer :

Pewan Chow


Co-Choreographer : 

Cally Yip,Cyrus Hui,Cherry Leung


Artist : 

Grace Yu (Music)

Lum Long & Lum Li (Visual Art)

Beng kian So (Architecture)


Sets & Light :

Leo Cheung


Sound Designer :

Jacklam Ho

《In Search of Space in a Cramped City》 

Graphic Design :

Chris Chan|Leung Siu Man|Green Mist House


Composer : 

Grace Yu , Max Chan


Video & photographer :

Vincent Mak


Photographer :

Cheung Chi Wai


Production Manager :

Gloria Ngai


Deputy Stage Manager:

Ho Tak Ching



Li Jing Jing


Project Co-ordinator :

Pandora Sin

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