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Hear, We Dance

Jockey Club “In Search of Voice in a Cramped City”

Dance Education Programme (Chapter 2)

2020-2021 "Hear, We Dance"

​(Group A & B)^*

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Hear, We Dance is part of Jockey Club “In Search of Voice in a Cramped City” Dance Education Programme. Participating youths in Hear, We Dance are facilitated by choreographers, artists and young dancers, to explore “communication” and “conflict” through the crossover of contemporary dance and another art form. In the dance performance, performers will express their thoughts, creativities and experiences throughout the creative process.

Artistic Director: Pewan CHOW

Choreographers: Gabbie CHAN Hiu-ling | Elaine KWOK Hiu-ling

Artists / Instructors: Nina CHIU (Visual Arts) | hyf (Text-image)

Dancers: Peggy CHOW | HO Ming Yan | HUNG Chun Lok Jonathan | LAM Ching Nam Jasmine | Jo LEUNG Sau Yin | LO Chi Wing Priscilla | TANG Ho Kay | WONG Sze Ling

Cinematographer: Wilfred WONG Hon-leung

Project Manager: Joyce LAM

Project Coordinator: Christy CHAN

Stage and Production Manager: YIP Hiu-wan

Assistant Stage Manager: Lau Wing Yi

Graphic Designer: Forrest LAU

Photo credit: Hardy Cheung

Dance Performance Video

In view of the Coronavirus outbreak, the live showcase has been cancelled and switched to be presented in the format of dance videos.

The performance will be released on our website and social platforms later,

please look forward to it!

Dance x Text-image

Dance x Visual Arts

House Programme

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