Hear, We Dance

Jockey Club “In Search of Voice in a Cramped City”

Dance Education Programme (Chapter 2)

Enrolment of 2020-21 Hear, We Dance (Group A & B)

is now underway!

As a continuation of Chapter 1 of the Programme Introductory Contemporary Dance Workshop - Outreach Tour to University and Community, Hear, We Dance aims to deepen the arts experiences of participants, as well as broaden their ways of observation, thinking and expression through crossover of two different art forms. The programme helps participants explore communication and conflicts from different perspectives and seek resolution through arts. Interacting with professional dancers, participants are encouraged to explore the connection between body and mind, to create and to understand more about dance.*


There are 4 groups of Hear, We Dance in 2020/21 programme year. Each group is led by a choreographer, an artist and four professional dancers. 


This Chapter of the Programme is comprised of three parts:

  • Workshops

  • Rehearsals

  • Showcase

Participants: Tertiary students or youth aged around 18-30 who are interested in dance and arts (Participants with or without dance background / at school or not are welcome)

Free of Charge, limited quota

*Priority will be given to student participant who:

- has attended Chapter 1 "Introductory Contemporary Dance Workshop – Outreach Tour to University and Community"

- is able to join Chapter 4 "Introductory Contemporary Dance Workshop – Outreach Tour to Elderly Centre" and an Art Creation Project with elderly

  • 2019-20

    (Group A & B)

    Feb - Mar 2020


  • 2020-21

    (Group A & B)

    Dec 2020 - Feb 2021


  • 2020-21

    (Group C & D)

    Mar - Apr 2021


  • 2021-22


    Coming soon


For enquiries, please contact Joyce and Christy on 5407 6047 or podedu@passoverdance.org.

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