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In this work two choreographers, each from different countries, open a spectrum of views as they present their collaborative production. Shofting the audiences' sight lines, they create an interactive experience which delves into the strategies we use time overcome boundaries and limitation.


The studio theatre will be transformed into an environment that is at the same time containing and boundless as the 

dancers, physical movements, setting, visual effects and music lead the audience into a labyrinth of passage and chambers. 

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Maze 3.0 live streaming in HK with CODA Festival 

Passoverdance is being invited to have live streaming performance of Maze 3.0 in

CODA Oslo International Dance Festival in coming October.

Maze: Pushing Boundaries 

Maze was awarded The Hong Kong Dance Award for Outstanding Independent Dance Production in 2013. Developed from Maze, Two choreographers Pewan Chow and Rosalind Newman will continue to explore new ways of presenting, seeing, and attending dance in the Maze: Pushing Boundaries. It will be performed in 14-17 June 2018 at Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre. 


*Maze: Pushing Boundaries is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Maze 3.0

Seeking youth dancers


Maze 3.0 is developed from Maze, which was awarded the Hong Kong Dance Award for Outstanding Independent Dance Production in 2013. Now you have a chance to work with Passoverdance’s Artistic Director Pewan Chow, and professional dancers in one of Passoverdance’smosticonic events in 2017/2018! 

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